Weekend Drop Off Instructions:


We hate to see customer breakdown over the weekend, but as in life we can never predict what He has in store for us.


Though we are not open on the weekends, doesn't mean we can't help you. For my internet savoy customer, follow the below instructions and I promise to have you well taken care of:


1) Have your vehicle towed to our shop. Our shop address and location is located on the Home tab of our website. If you have trouble locating a tow service we have also provided a friendly tow service phone number to help assist you.


2) Once your vehicle arrives at our shop, have the tow service unload your vehicle in the front parking lot. This will assist us when we open the next day to know what vehicle has been towed in.


3) Place you keys in the drop/mail box located near the street. Our drop/mail box is a sealed box, so no one will be able to retrieve your keys. We will retrieve the key the next business day.


4) Next click on the Appointment tab or the link below on our website and fill out the information. One of our service writers will contact you the next business day to better assist you about the condition of your vehicle.


5) Appointment