" Customer's Mean More, When Your Family Name Is On The Store. "

Ronnie Smith Transmission is the largest and oldest family owned transmission shop in Abilene and the Big Country. We supply quality transmission's to small businesses, commercial transmission suppliers, installers, dealerships, fleet maintenance suppliers, and the general public .

Our stock includes complete automatic rebuilt transmission
units for:
* Front Wheel Drives (Foreign's & Domestic's)
* Rear Wheel Drives (Foreign's & Domestic's)
* Trucks SUVs and vans, including 4WD and AWD units

We test these transmissions to the extreme to make sure you get what you pay for.  Let our friendly customer service assist you in determining the right transmission. But don't be surprised if we show up to see you. If you have not had a visit from us, call us. We want to hear from you.

We also provide services for:
* Manual Transmissions (Reman)
* Transfer Cases (Reman)
* Complete Differentials (Reman)
* Clutch Jobs

"Customers Mean More When Your Family Name is on the Store."

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